An attempt…

Wrote this a while back. Hence, forgive the crappiness :) And it is title-less. Brain couldn’t work enough…

Every year the fairground calls

Time to tag along and go

Round and round the carousel

Till the child in her says stop

Sat atop a ferris wheel

Stretching out to touch the moon

Should’ve been the perfect sight

Oh! Only if time could freeze

An attempt…

Beautiful Conformity

You were flawless. The epitome of what a man should be. I admired you. Your way with words. Your drive and determination. I wanted to be like you. Exuding charm, conquering all. You saw no obstacles, just new hurdles to jump. I was blind. I only saw what was in front of me. The world taught me that you were just another page in a book. Then I knew, you were just another man led on a path to the wrong places. Your actions were smooth, carried out to perfection. Yet, what you attained was temporary. Just merits bestowed by other men. You lost me then. No longer do I follow your path; the fixed path to a known goal. No longer do I admire your ideals. You’re just another man who conformed, very beautifully too.

Beautiful Conformity